4 Ways to Follow Jesus in a World That Doesn’t Want Him

Christ followers are constantly trapped between two worlds.  We deeply desire to love, honor, and serve the Lord. Yet we live in a culture that doesn’t value what we value.  This steady tension often stops us dead in our tracks.

Our faith becomes stagnant, relegated to an hour during Sunday morning services.  It has nothing to do with our love for the Lord.  We truly love Jesus, but knowing how to live for him becomes challenging quickly.

So lean in real quick. Let me give you a piece of advice that will change your life, your faith, and your behavior.

Instead of just living for Jesus, live like Jesus.

Everywhere you go live like Jesus would live, treat people as Jesus treated people, and interact with others the way He interacted.

  1. Love like Jesus loved.

    Jesus washed the feet of his betrayer, ate with tax collectors, and engaged a woman in deep conversation in a society that devalued women. There was no length Jesus was unwilling go to in order to demonstrate His love for them.

    In every situation you find yourself in today, ask yourself the question, “Am I loving like Jesus loved?”

    This doesn’t mean Jesus wasn’t ever stern or engaged in difficult conversations. He did all of those, but even hard truths were shared in a loving and sacrificial way.

  2. Share truth like Jesus shared truth.

    John 1 tells us that Jesus came in grace and truth. It does not say He came in grace or truth.

    That’s because our Lord does not believe grace or truth live in isolation. They function together in perfect harmony like an orchestra with all the instruments playing perfectly in sync.

    If you separate grace from truth you are not living like Jesus.

    That goes for your political opinions, online etiquette, or your interactions with your children.  Truth is often painful, but the sting is far worse when grace is removed from the equation.

  3. Rest like Jesus rested.

    God instituted the Sabbath as a reminder to humanity that He is working even when we are not. Jesus took this concept of rest and regularly implemented periods of intentional aloneness.

    In our fast paced, addicted to progress world we must rest. Pull away from the crowds, turn your phone off, and just enjoy life.

    God created this world as good and to be enjoyed.  If you never slow down, then it becomes difficult to appreciate all the blessings God provides for you.

    Take time today to look at your calendar and schedule rest sometime this month. It will refresh your soul and make you better at life.

  4. Worry about His kingdom above your kingdom.

    The Jews expected their messiah to come as a powerful king riding in a horse prepared to conquer and overthrow Rome. Much to their dismay Jesus came riding on a donkey, willing to wash his disciples feet, and even die for his enemies.

    Jesus brought with himself the mindset of the Kingdom of God.  It’s this upside down world where the meek are elevated, the servants are rewarded, and enemies are loved.

    You are constantly bombarded with messages that are different from God’s kingdom.

    Care about your political party above all else.
    The strong survive and weak die.
    Do whatever you want. You aren’t “hurting” anybody.

    In the middle of these competing ideas Jesus tells us to worry about His kingdom above the kingdom we currently find ourselves in.  If you are really interested in the Kingdom of God read through the book of Matthew this week and pay close attention to every time Jesus mentions “the kingdom of God” or “the kingdom of heaven.” Doing this will give you a glimpse into the heartbeat of Jesus.

Living for Jesus is valuable. We all should strive for that, but instead of just living for Jesus, let’s work toward living like Jesus in every area of our life.  Doing this will change us and the world.

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