The Way We Talk To People Is Wrong.

By just a quick glance on social media, it appears that everyone knows how to perfectly resolve violent shootings, racism, the entire health care system, and quite possibly world hunger.

I’m continually amazed at people’s abilities to resolve complex societal issues with a single clever tweet or a sarcastically disparaging Facebook post.  (He said in a sarcastic undertone).

In the midst of all of our current fighting about today’s hot topic, the scriptures offer us a different way to approach difficult and challenging issues.  It’s actually the brother of Jesus who offers these words, and I believe it’s the foundation for any healthy discourse.


  1. Quick to Listen:

    The moment after a tragedy is the time we must listen best. Discourse and discussion comes, but listening precedes opinion giving.  Whether it’s gun control, various protestings, the #metoo movement, or some other hot topic issue just stop talking for a moment.

    I promise you will have your chance to speak.

    We are not called to remain silent, but rather slow down long enough to hear the cries of entire people groups.


  2. Slow to speak:

    Now that you’ve heard, it’s time to speak……slowly.  Share your opinions and thoughts but from the perspective of understanding differing viewpoints.  Listening shouldn’t stop when your talking begins.

    Important note: Speaking slowly happens best away from social media.

    There are times and places where voicing our opinion through social media is valuable and honorable. Just not all the time.

    Instead of using the internet as your personal megaphone for today’s current issue, go have coffee with someone.  Discuss difficult topics in person over a meal.  Face to face conversations creates slower dialogue and gives you a better chance at listening.

  3. Slow to get angry:

    Our collective outrage is ruining this country’s ability to make any progress.

    It’s all of our faults.

    Not just the liberals or conservations or libertarians.

    All of us are to blame.

    But as followers of Jesus we must be different. Christians need to slow down, listen better, and speak slowly.  Then when criticism follows your opinion be very slow to get angry.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 6.39.02 AM

    God repeatedly shows undeserved patience toward us. Let us extend that same blessing toward others.  Whenever a collective discourse arises don’t jump in with your thoughts immediately.  Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and even slower to get angry.

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5 thoughts on “The Way We Talk To People Is Wrong.

  1. With so much division and discord throughout the world today, we should be moved in spirit to hear one another. James 1:19 is a great verse for all of us to apply Pastor, and without doubt should be our daily practice. Another verse that so closely aligns itself to this would be Phil.2:4. Do you think we put on the mind of Christ enough? Or, as a people, do we just want to get our point across? Bless you Pastor Chris, love you man!

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  2. With regards to politics, it might help if Christians cared a lot LESS about politics. Our primary concern should be the glory of Jesus Christ. We must put ALL our hope in Him. All world systems will perish. The world will be consumed in fire. Jesus said, “I do not pray for the world, but for those You have given Me out of the world, for they are Yours.” Salvation of souls is what matters; Christ died for persons. An understanding of this should run through and dominate everything we choose to do or say… in whatever area.

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    1. Raina, this is a conflict raging within me all the time. Do I sit back and let the politicians handle the politics and confine my activities to Christian ministries? Is time in the political arena time that should be devoted to evangelism? Or should I be doing something in the political arena to help promote conditions to preserve liberty — especially freedom of speech in spreading the Gospel and freedom of religious expression? I think there needs to be a balance.

      If there is corruption in government, I should support rooting it out. The prophets had no problem confronting kings and calling them to repentance. Yet I put my ultimate confidence in God to change men’s hearts — not politicians. I pray that God will give our leaders wisdom and melt their hearts to respond to his guidance in this world of international complexities. I pray for God’s protection of my Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for their faith. I pray for revival in this land.

      I realize that no one can legislate morality. Only God can change human hearts. But God also uses government to help make people behave in moral ways even when they’d rather not. Without the threat of punishment, there would probably be a lot more murder and rape than we already have. Men also use government in ways that contradict God’s commandments. It makes laws that allow innocent children to be killed before they are born. Should we stay silent about such things in the public arena or work to try to change them? I think God calls some to participate in government for his glory and others to devote their time to the work of spreading the Good News that changes hearts. Some work to make abortion illegal, while others work in crisis pregnancy centers. Some do both.

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      1. I did say LESS; I would never tell anyone that Christians should not engage in the political arena. It is not my place to do so. Even if I am convicted of something in my life, it does not mean that all others are called to the same.

        That being said, I think that some Christian ministries suffer from the same problem of being too concerned about the world at times. There are many things that is perfectly all right for some Christians to do at some times; however, they must stay in the background. Giving food to a hungry person is a good thing to do; there are times when you must give food to a hungry person and it would be a sin not to. However, giving food to a hungry person is not an end in itself. ALL Christians are called to share the Gospel, to lift up the Name of Jesus, to lift up His cross and His resurrection. That is what everything is about.

        We must never make our work about political freedom. Those Christians who do work in the political arena must remember that it is a very secondary issue. Nik Ripken said that we are as free to preach the Gospel in North Korea as in North Dakota, in South Carolina as in Saudi Arabic (or something like that). It is true. We are free. In Christ, we are absolutely free. Nor does the health of God’s Church depend upon not being persecuted. In fact, persecution is a reward and often goes hand in hand with the spread of the Gospel (read Acts). Tertulian wrote, “Torture us! Crucify us! Condemn us! Destroy us!… The more we are hewn down by you, the more do we sprout up! The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians.” When Mao took over China, much of the Western world thought it would be the end of Christianity there… Lo and behold! The Church grew. So, we must keep in mind, it does not depend on us. It does not depend on the government. It does not depend on anything having to do with man and the world (also, the world will always hate us – all of the world. If the world does not hate you, it might be an indicator that you are actually part of the world).Thinking the health of the Church or the spread of the Gospel depends on the world not persecuting us is idolatry. In Isaiah, we read this, “I, even I, am He who comforts you. Who are you that fear man who dies, the sons of man who wither like the grass, that you forget YHWH, Your Maker, who spread out the heavens?”

        I totally agree with praying for kings and all those in authority. Several times in the Bible we are commanded to do this. “that we may live quiet lives in godliness” (something like that).

        I think it is worth noting that Christians are commanded to pray for all kinds of things, including government officials, but are not actually commanded to take part in politics.

        I also believe that, as Christians, we are called to shine as lights in the world, to be holy and point people to Jesus by our preaching of His Name and our holy living. We are not called to impose morality on the world. Trying to do so is, I believe, what is meant when Jesus said, “Do not throw your pearls before swine; if you do, they will first trample your pearls and then turn on you and devour you.” (Read the entire chapter; it fits the context.Matthew 7.)

        That said, I will not say that Christians should never be involved in politics in any way if they can do so in a way that is consistent with biblical principles.

        May God bless you and enlighten your heart to walk in the way that He has prepared for you.

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  3. I think each has its place. God calls some to pulpits, some to food banks and crisis pregnancy centers, some to the mission field, and some into politics. Some are left to live peaceable lives here on earth telling their neighbors of God’s love for them and leading them one by one to Jesus, and some are persecuted as they follow Jesus doing that exact same thing. Sometimes God calls a Billy Graham to bring his word to the leaders of the world along with the poorest, and sometimes he calls a woman to minister to her neighbors. I guess the trick is to recognize one’s call and obey.


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