Exciting News That Will Change Lives

Everyone wants to grow their faith, but most feel stuck in the process.  Like wandering toward a new destination without having any sort of directions, you are lost. You want to know your spiritual next step, but aren’t sure where to look or where to go.

This sense of aimless spiritual drifting leads people to a feeling of discouragement. Creating frustration directed at both themselves for not knowing the answers and the church for not clearly giving the answers.


As a pastor I’ve seen this dilemma unfold with countless people throughout the years, and I want to change it.  I want to help you take your next steps spiritually in a way that is concrete, practical, and easy to follow.

That’s why this post is such a big deal for me. For the past few months I have worked exhaustively to create an online course which will help your faith go to the next level. It’s insightful, simple, and insanely practical. Each lesson will take about 15 minutes a day, and it includes video teaching, written lessons, and practical applications.

The goal is to provide you with tools in your spiritual tool belt to get your faith where you’ve always wanted it. The class is called….

Thriving Faith:
30 Days to the Faith You’ve Always Wanted

Now here is where you come in to the process.  The class isn’t finished yet, but when it is I’m going to need some people willing to go through the course before I make it public.


That means I need you.  I need people willing to test this course before it goes live. This will be a paid class, but if you are willing to be my guinea pig you get the course for free.

Here’s the downside.

I’m only accepting 10 spots for this initial testing team.

So you need to sign up quickly.

People are tired of their faith just surviving.  They want it thriving.

Help me along this journey to give yourself and others the faith everyone wants. Let’s create a thriving faith movement.  If you want to join, then click “sign up” below.

Sign Up for Thriving Faith

Thanks for joining the adventure.  My goal is to make your life better by helping you choose Jesus everyday.  This course is going to help us accomplish that goal.

5 thoughts on “Exciting News That Will Change Lives

  1. Chris – I’d be willing to sign up as a guinea pig if you still need people – Stephen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love that. Click the link at the bottom and sign up. Thank you so much.


  2. Do you need yet another? I’m kind of working on my own stuff…. but always open for more….


    1. I could always use another one Kim. Thanks for the offer


  3. April Houser Mashburn April 26, 2018 — 8:48 am

    I am signing up again, just to make extra sure, that I am not hidden in all the entries. LOL


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