Finding New Rhythms Without Losing your Mind.

The New Year is still fresh. There’s hope in the air.  Change feels possible; because new beginnings means a new me. These resets let you look toward the past, evaluate what happened, and decide where you want your future to be.

You aren’t necessarily setting goals, but you are creating new rhythms – helpful habits you weave into the fabric of the natural course of your day.

Now comes the difficult task of slowing down long enough to evaluate. You must pause, give space, and take time to ask difficult questions…

Where does God want me to change?
What areas of my life need reordered?
How can I stick to these new rhythms?

Asking personal/practical questions like these takes your new rhythms from possibilities to practices. Allow me to walk you through three areas you need to reassess today. With each category ask difficult questions, take stock of how you are doing, and what will it take to get you to your preferred destination.

  1. Financial Rhythms

    Finances are more than just numbers. It’s spiritual as well. That’s why God discusses finances with great regularity. When your money’s in order, life is less stressful and filled with more joy.  When you evaluate your financial habits are you spending, saving, and giving in a way that honors the Lord?

    My wife and I are Dave Ramsey fanatics, which means we have a rhythm of creating a new budget every month and then we stick to it. Each month is different so each budget is different. Then if one of us generates more income than expected for that month, we count a blessing.  We can give it away, keep some to spend on fun, or save it for later.

    Regardless, our month is set and stress is reduced because we set a healthy rhythm.  What are your financial habit, and what do you want them to be?

  2. Family Rhythms

    For many families, they look pretty on Sundays, but broken on Mondays. Stay put together, smile big, and act like one big happy family is the mantra on Sunday morning.  While stay busy, look tired, and act like there’s not time for the rest of the family is the mantra for Monday through Saturday.

    Are you exhausted from family not being what you planned? Stressed because every Pinterest mom in the world seems to nail it perfectly every time while you barely keep it together? Plus let’s not even discuss your marriage.  Hanging on by a thread would be a good description.

    What do you want your family to look like? What rhythms do you need to change in order to create better family dynamics?  Is it dinner at the table throughout the week, date nights with your spouse, or simply saying “no” to extracurriculars for a period of time?  You evaluate. Then create new rhythms, and stick to it.

  3. Faith Rhythms

    There are 5 key areas for spiritual growth (read your bible, pray, rest, serve, share your faith). Each one holds great weight to the spiritual trajectory of your faith. Yet despite their significance, they often feel like a chore versus a delight. If you relate to this sentiment, then it’s time to evaluate last year’s spiritual growth method, adjust to make better ones, and implement new rhythms.

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    Your faith growing hinges on your willingness to change.  New habits create new growth.  So start developing ways to read your Bible, pray, or rest that builds you up, ministers to you effectively, and creates sustainable spiritual development.

    Where do you want your faith to be by 2019?  What will help your faith get there?  Those are the questions you should be asking.

4 thoughts on “Finding New Rhythms Without Losing your Mind.

  1. I love this! “Rhythm” is a great word to describe it. We all want our lives to beat in 4/4 time, but more often than not it’s some complicated 7/8 beat we can’t figure out. Putting God at the center makes life flow more smoothly.

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  2. What a brilliant metaphor Elihu!! Thank you & Chris for showing me a fresh dimension of life! 😃

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