Stop Everything You Are Doing

You are trying too hard, working too much, and not slowing down enough.  This world’s capacity to function properly is not directly measured by the busyness in your schedule.  At least that’s what I’m learning.

Over the weekend my planned, prepared, and organized week ahead was shot the moment my son’s thermometer read 103.  My wife and I looked at each other with a sense of trepidation knowing we were entering one of the busiest weeks for us.  With something happening 6 nights in a row, now was not the time for a child to get sick.

Then just a few days later we get a message from our oldest’s teacher, “Your daughter was sent to the nurse. She isn’t feeling well.”  Another fever.  Another day’s schedule blown up.  Another event missed.  While Megan and I stress over schedule and conflicts and illnesses, the world moves on.

I’m preaching over the weekend. Megan has clients to take care of at work.  Soph has a play she is a part of at church.  People need to meet with us, and my kids are sick.  Everything needs to happen all at once, and yet nothing is happening.

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In the noise and chaos known as our lives, I hear a voice whispering through the storm. It’s faint and in the distance, while still audible enough for me to catch what it’s saying.

“Stop everything you are doing. Everything will be fine.”

These words create a calming effect on my soul, reminding me of a sermon I heard years ago. Where the preacher boldly declared, “In the midst of an out of control world, God is an in control God.”  This world and all its responsibilities do not rest squarely upon my shoulder, despite how I might feel and act occasionally.

God is beckoning me to trust Him, rely upon Him, and rest in Him.  While I wish I enacted each of those qualities perfectly and seamlessly into my life, I fail, but God uses sick kids and busy schedules to remind me “He’s got this.”

So slow down. Stop everything. Start trusting, relying, and resting in him today.  The God, who created the world, holds your world together.


What do you need to stop and give to God today?
Comment below.

8 thoughts on “Stop Everything You Are Doing

  1. I need every reminder going to trust myself less and Trust Him more so thank you Chris for the timely message. I hope your kids get better soon and you and your wife survive the weekend. 🙏🏻😊

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    1. This message was one of those that was thrust upon me. Glad I could share it win others and we hope we survive as well. Currently going a little crazy. 😜😜😜


  2. … every message like this one of yours that teaches me to take a pause, breathe and look around me without being in a hustle. Just being. And connecting with my inner Self and listening to the inner Peace.

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    1. It’s so hard to slow down. Our world demands busyness and productivity, but in the margins and stillness is where we find peace and joy.


      1. It is. The world has this awful tendency to accelerate. Like a tornado, if you get caught it sweeps you away…

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      2. That is fantastic imagery. I might just steal that one day. 😜. If you see it in a blog post sometime, know that it came from you. Lol.

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  3. Thanks for reminding us. God is in control of everything. Life always seems to get in the way of letting go and let God do his thing. Thank you FaTher for handling our everyday life.

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    1. Amen. Appreciate the encouragement Elba.


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