The Silent Struggle of Christmas

It’s Christmas time. The lights are glowing, trees are up, and everywhere in the country appears to be in full winter weather. This part of the year is filled with songs and laughter and countless memories. You can almost smell the hot cocoa can’t you?

For many, December is their favorite time of year.  They can sing every Christmas song, quote all the Christmas classics, and find the best deals on presents. As the day gets closer and the shopping carts both digitally and in person become more and more full, the excitement grows like a child the night before his birthday.

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It’s not about the presents or the food, even though those are a great side benefit.  It’s all about the people.  Christmas means time.  Time with the people you love and care about……….. at least for most of us.

There are certain people that are incapable of celebrating the holidays with the person most dear to them. Their person is no longer with us. This is the part where my mind has been opened and my heart has expanded.

For most of us Christmas is the best time of the year, unless you lost a loved one in the last year.  Then December 25th is no longer a reminder of the blessings you have, but rather a sign of the emptiness felt from the whole in your heart. When family members or close friends pass, holidays are both enjoyable yet difficult at the same time. It’s a delight to have people around, but a curse not having the one you really want be present.

 The silent struggle of Christmas is enjoying family and friends, but wanting to be with the one you miss the most.

For the people who have lost family and friends, I grieve with you.  My heart breaks, knowing that this time of year is a challenge to a degree I’m not even sure I comprehend. For you a full house still feels like an empty room because your loved one is missing.  My only encouragement is this:  take comfort in the arms of your Heavenly Father with the understanding that He feels everything you feel to the depths and degrees that you experience it.

Christmas is a reminder that He understands your pain. At Jesus’ birth, God knew what was going to happen. The cradle was merely a set up for the cross.  Thus a joyful day for the world was also a sorrowful day for our Lord.  He knows your pain.  He’s experienced your hurt.  On everyone else’s best day, while you struggle alone, lean into the grace, mercy, and understanding of your gracious Lord and Savior. He cares in a way most cannot.


If you are struggling, take time to thank God for understanding.
If you know someone struggling, share this post to encourage them.
Comment below if you could use prayer during this season.

3 thoughts on “The Silent Struggle of Christmas

  1. Yes I understand definitely. My dad passed away this passed January. Thanksgiving was rough and Christmas will be rough too. I miss him so much. I am still dealing with the estate business so it seems like a never ending journey, Everytime I receive a legal document that I have to sign, It’s a reminder. I know that I have not grieved for my dad yet. I try to keep busy. The decorating and Christmas music makes me cry. I know God understands and is with me but still I miss my dad very much.

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  2. Cathy Thosath-Jespersen December 16, 2017 — 10:02 am

    Thank you for this timely article since Christmas is around the corner. Thank you for reminding us that our God knows what each of us is going through and is with us in all our struggles and sorrows, and He cares! What a glorious God we have! Christmas time should be spent focusing on Him anyway; not so much on shopping, which only gorifies the enemy when we overdo it (and most of us probably do,unfortunately). My family has been dealing with loss for the last 3 Christmas’, which have been empty. Your article is a good reminder that we can still look forward to this time of the year by focusing on the true meaning of Christmas, which is celebrating the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ! He IS the reason for the season! Praise be to our glorious King, Yeshua HaMashiach!

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    1. I’m so sorry for your loss the last few years. I hate that for you but I’m so glad you are still able to find encouragement in the Christmas story. May God bless you and your family.


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