What’s the Point of Everything?

What’s the point of everything?

Here’s the bad news. It’s not you!

Wow! That came across as very harsh.  I don’t even know you that well, and I’m already telling you you’re not the point.  Sorry to be so blunt, but there is this plague that has infected our society and every culture throughout history.

As Christ followers we must push, pull, or shove our way away from this virus reeking havoc on countless lives. It’s destroying marriages, wrecking work places, and perpetuating multi-generational cycles of dysfunction. If the Jesus way of life is zigging, then this attitude is zagging the opposite direction.

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The plague is selfishness.

Social media encourages it, TV idolizes, and businesses reward it.  Pay attention to me. Notice me.  Look at me and how awesome I am.  On all sides we are bombarded with messages of selfishness. It has become an undercurrent of society that spills over into various areas of our life. When selfish attitudes permeate our relationships, our work, and our life it alienates those we love.  Thus turning every relationship into an opportunity to get what we want.

In a self-centered, me-focused, only-I-count world, Jesus pushes back against that idea.  He says “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23 Emphasis added). When Jesus teaches the point of everything, it’s not you. It’s actually the opposite. The point of everything is denying yourself for the glory of God and the benefit of those around you.

That’s why when Jesus was asked the most important commandment, his response was “Love God and love others.”  You and I were never the point. Others were and still are. This means the cure for our societal plague of selfishness is a Jesus-like selflessness.

Where selfishness builds barriers,
selflessness builds bridges.

The heart of the gospel message is “you matter more than me.”  In everything,  I will serve, give, and support others for their benefit and for God’s glory; because that’s what Jesus did for me.


Imagine if you made a pledge for an entire day to do nothing selfish.  Nothing.  Your whole day was built around serving and loving other people.  This will stretch, challenge, and force you to reevaluate every decision from the perspective of others and God.  Let’s do it together.  Let’s be bridge builders today.

The point of everything is not you, and it is not me.  It’s God and others. Will you take the pledge to live a day completely selflessly?

Comment below if you will take the challenge with me.
(1 Day of being completely selfless)


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