How to Make Your Senior Pastor Successful

Your senior pastor’s ultimate success from an eternal perspective is not up to you. That’s up to each individual leader to faithfully follow God’s call, but you do have the capability to make his earthly experience successful.  In doing so, it will improve your life, the lives around you, and the life of your senior pastor. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Pray for your pastor.

    Right now your pastor might be depressed, worried, and sad all at the same. Praying for your leader is a way to divinely intervene on their behalf. Ask the Lord to provide for comfort, encouragement, and friendship.  Daily bring the hurts and wounds He carries before the Lord.  Seek God’s Holy Spirit infused healing and leadership.


    Praying for your pastor is the crucial first step to making their life better.

  2. Apply the message.

    Early on in ministry I loved the compliments after service.  “Great message.”  “That was one of your best.” “Thank you for that sermon. I needed it.” These words were an encouragement to my soul.

    As the years have gone on, those words, while still kind, mean much less to me.  I would rather receive a phone call, text message, or email later in the week describing how you are applying the message.  Those notes make my soul smile with joy knowing that God used me to help start the process of transformation.


    Help your pastor be successful today by applying the message from yesterday.

  3. Get involved somewhere.

    You love your church.  It’s your family.  Every Sunday you check in on facebook, post sweet pics of the worship service, and tweet quotes from the sermon. Those are all wonderful, but are you serving…….anywhere?

    The church you love needs volunteers to run it.  The family you care about functions best with many hands helping out. Let me put it this way:  Saved people serve people.

    If you want to make your pastor happy start serving the church.

  4. Be an advocate.

    Pastors mess up sometimes. They don’t always make perfect decisions…….despite what many church members expect. In fact they often aren’t even sure what the correct answer is for certain dilemmas.

    You can bet every dollar you own that as soon as a pastor makes a leadership move church members don’t like, He is going to hear about it.  Emails, phone calls, and text message will flood in saying, “Everybody’s asking why would you cancel (insert random event)? I’m concerned you decided x,y, or z? This is the worst move you have ever made.”

    When this happens, and it will, be an advocate for your pastor.  Defend them and defend your church.  If it’s a moral failure that’s one thing (I wrote about that here), but if it’s a leadership move extend an abundance of grace and defend him well.

  5. Pick your timing for conversations.

    Stop asking to “talk” five minutes before service starts. These “talks” are almost always bad and rarely uplifting in any way.  Thus you are distracting your pastor from the purpose God has called him to do.

    Imagine if you had the largest business presentation of your life. For weeks you prepared and rehearsed your message and delivery, knowing it affects the future of the company.  It’s finally time to give your talk, but right before you do a coworker stops you. They say, “Hey, good luck this morning. Whenever you are finished you need to deal with your project managers.  They can’t stand you and are probably going to leave. Good luck.”

    You would instantly be distracted for the entirety of your presentation.  Pastors are no different.  If a conversation can wait, then wait.  This will 100% of the time help your pastor be more successful.

  6. Don’t just complain. Provide a solution.

    A complaint against isn’t a solution for. That’s terrible grammar, but hopefully you remember it.  Complaining is okay if it is followed with a solution.  If you see something wrong with your church, hold your complaint until you are willing to solve the dilemma.  Otherwise you are merely providing discouragement without any viable resolution.

  7. Send your Senior Pastor this email.

    Send your pastor this email with the promise that you will start doing each one of these things.  Then actually do them. You will encourage him in a way that very few church members do.  After you email him, will you comment below that you did it?  That way I can know and be encouraged as well.

How do you help your Senior Pastor be successful? Comment below.
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4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Senior Pastor Successful

  1. Terrific, Chris. So true. Thank you.


    1. Thanks boss. You are doing a great job as our senior pastor.


      1. Praying for all of you. I love CCC and speak very highly of the pastoral staff on a regular basis. Thank you for all you do everyday.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this so much. Thanks Chris

    Liked by 1 person

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