Is God Proud of Me?

We drove down a long and narrow dirt driveway with both sides of the road covered with row after row of fences. While make our way slowly to the back, I point out to my daughter “There’s a horse, Sophie. What’s that horse’s name?” I asked trying to learn more about the place she has grown to love.

“I don’t know, Dad.”

“Well then what’s your horse’s name?” I say attempting to understand even more.

“Molly.” she says with slight joy in her eyes.


Within 10 minutes of arriving we had already said “Hi” to all the horses, made our way around a few fields, and finally found Sophie’s riding instructor. After brushing Molly for a few minutes, they find a saddle that works perfectly for my sweet little petite 5-year-old daughter.

They then slowly walk Molly into the riding field, where Soph will lead an animal multiple times her size around the fenced in area. I remember distinctly watching her learn this new skill set and thinking, “She’s doing this. She is learning a brand new skill. I’m so proud of my little girl.”


These thoughts replayed over and over in my mind like a broken jukebox unable to find a new song to play. When practice was over and we made our way home, I praised Sophie as much as possible. “You know, Soph, your dad is incredibly proud of you. It’s amazing to see you grow.” My words brought an abundance of joy to her face.

This got me wondering. I imagine our Heavenly Father experiences these proud dad moments as well. He sees his sons and daughters learning new skills, making wise choices, and helping others and this pride wells up within Him. Then one day, we are going to stand before Him hoping to hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. I’m proud of you.”

What are those moments where His pride for His children becomes encouraged?

  1. God is proud when we choose Jesus.

On Monday I wrote about prodigal children, and there are so many aspects to that Biblical parable I find fascinating. First, the dad waited for the son to come home. He waited because that’s all he could do. When the son finally came home, pride welled up within him to the point that he ran up and kissed his son.

Then he threw a party. A party. This story is telling us that the God of the universe throws a party when you choose Jesus. His pride wells up when you choose to come back home.

If you want God to be proud, choose Jesus. He will make your life better and He will make you better at life.

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  1. God is proud when we make the wise choice.

The scriptures are filled with instructions and wisdom throughout. These guidelines are not meant to stifle us, but rather lead us into a flourishing life. Following the original Designer’s plan for how life works, leads to our best life.

When we choose God’s ways over man’s ways, then pride begins to well up inside of him. Jesus said things like, “If you love me, you will obey my commands.” Choosing obedience thus triggers God’s pride for his children. Our Heavenly Father has your best interest in mind and He is proud when you choose His direction over your own.

  1. God is proud when we help others.

“What you have done to the least of these, you have done to me.” These words, said on the heels of caring for the prisoners, orphans and widows, and homeless, give us insight into the heartbeat of God.

Jesus viewed others as more important than himself (Philippians 2). We are to do the same. Regardless of gender, wealth or race we are called to love, serve and help others. When we do God declares himself “proud of you.”

The questions you must ask yourself are:

  1. What area of my life am I making God proud?
  2. What areas do I need to change in order to make God more proud?


Comment below with your thoughts.
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4 thoughts on “Is God Proud of Me?

  1. Loved this. I especially love the way your own fatherly pride welling up caused you to realize the goodness of God as a Father towards us. This morning I read: “God is full of joy, peace and happiness ..” (G Tersteegen) That may seem obvious. I would guess it isn’t the heart belief of so many – even those of us who profess Him and seek to live for Him. We see God in many ways, and some of them don’t permit us to acknowledge the sheer goodness of Who He Is. Whenever I glimpse more of that goodness, my heart is lighter and I am freer. (P.S. Thanks for the ambitious offer to read so many of our blog posts on Christian Bloggers Network! What a kind thing you did. Looks like you’ve got your reading cut out for you through 2018!)

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  2. Amazingly written. God is proud everytime we rely on him for everything. Just the way our earthly father feels proud when we ask them for everything and trust they can provide, that’s how proud he feels. Let’s not forget :He’s a jealous God!

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  3. Yes, I have wondered the same and I am thankful God is proud of me because I chose him.


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