People Make Me Uncomfortable

Certain people make me uncomfortable. I wish it weren’t true. If I could magically be comfortable around everyone, that would be fantastic. But that’s not my reality.

People have beliefs that bother me.
People have behaviors that make me uncomfortable.
People have ideologies that don’t line up with mine.

Sometimes all of those differences culminate in me being incredibly uncomfortable. I imagine the same is true for you. There are coworkers whose differences bother you, family members with far out thoughts, or even church people who have interesting beliefs.

People often make us uncomfortable. This uncomfortableness is created from the tension our differences bring.

For every Republican there is a Democrat.
For every Black Lives Matter there is a Blue Lives Matter.
For Every Pro Life there is a Pro Choice.
For every Atheist there is a Christian.

Here is where the challenge comes. As a society we have collectively decided we prefer convictions over conversations. We value entrenched ideology over loving relationships with people different than us, and our differences are continually dividing us further and further apart. We have set up our philosophical foxholes, and we are not coming out except when the fighting starts.

A friend and I were recently discussing this topic. He made a statement on this topic in regard to the church that really stood out to me. He said,

“Many churches would prefer a drug dealer over a democrat to walk into their doors. Because they feel bad for the drug dealer, but they just see the democrat as wrong.”

When people get this impression from the church, then the church needs to adjust its behavior. I need to adjust my behavior. You need to adjust your behavior. We all must adjust.

Our change needs to take place because at the center of our faith is somebody who chose to not let differences be a problem. Jesus was perfectly comfortable with people that made him uncomfortable. We should be as well.

Jesus sat with the woman at the well.
Jesus allowed children to be near him.
Jesus healed people who were considered unclean by society.

Obviously, Jesus never abandoned his beliefs. Neither should we. While armed with truth, Jesus was still willing, despite all of the differences, to walk across the room and show kindness, grace, and compassion. Incredibly, people changed when they encountered something different from what they expected. His kindness led people to a new life (Romans 2:4).

When society was uncomfortable with someone, Jesus was perfectly comfortable. We should have the same mindset. So stop The Outrage Machine, and start loving others like Jesus.

I would love to hear from you.
Who do you need to show kindness to today?
Comment Below.

-Pastor Chris Weatherly

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5 thoughts on “People Make Me Uncomfortable

  1. Jesus knew who he was and so was not uncomfortable. He did not see people by their ideas or beliefs. He had a purpose and a vision that went beyond ideology or political leaning. His purpose was beyond anything earthly. That is where we need to live. Beyond the finite temporary things of this world. When you understand that you are literally a child of our great and living God you will no longer feel uncomfortable with the little differences this world can impose.


  2. This really struck a cord with me. I’m guilty of shying away from people that are different than me. I would like to think that I am like Jesus when encountering those different from me but I’m not. I am always kind but I don’t seek out conversation with them. I get caught up in the sins of my friends and try to set them on the right path and then get frustrated when they don’t go the way they should. I realized this morning, while listening to the Joy FM that I try to play God in trying to convert folks and that’s simply not my job. I have a passion for our God and I run ahead working hard to do His work. I need to relax and trust Him. I simply need to abide in Him and let Him work through me. I know He is the One that can and will change the heart. I believe if I could adopt a heart like a child and not see difference then I would be pleasing our Lord. Something to work on.


    1. Wow. That is incredibly insightful Vickie. I love how God is working and moving in your life to help you treat people better. We aren’t God, but sometimes we are tempted to act like it. Leaving change up to God is hard but it’s the best route possible.


  3. People are afraid of people who dress different or think differently. I pray that Jesus lets us see people through his eyes. Jesus help us love the unloveable. Remember they are yours too.


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