The Prayer That Changes Everything

Consistent prayer is difficult for me.

There I said it.

As a pastor, I wish I could tell you my prayer life is perfect. It’s supposed to be right? I’m the guy that is supposed to have all the answers on everything spiritual right? I don’t.

I wish I prayed more.

I wish I prayed longer without my brain distracting me.

I wish prayer came easy and naturally for me, but it doesn’t.

Prayer for me takes work. It’s an exercise in discipline. Maybe for you prayer is as natural as breathing, but for the rest of us, it’s often difficult to devote a significant length of time towards prayer.

We get distracted. Our minds wander. Life gets in the way. All of these roadblocks hinder our prayer life from ever taking off. At least they do for me.

Please hear me. I do pray. I’ve written about it. (My Prayer for Las Vegas and 5 People You Should Pray for Right Now) I have preached sermons about prayer. (Praying in God’s will). Prayer is a large part of my life.

It’s also a part of my life I don’t always get right. Despite all my struggles with prayer, I found a solution years ago that changed my personal prayer life. A preacher (I can’t remember which preacher) introduced me to this prayer, and I have never forgotten it.

Whenever there is a decision looming, I pray this prayer.

If there is a necessary conflict arisen in my life, I pray this prayer.

When doubt over my future creeps in, I pray this prayer.

This short and simple prayer reflexively comes out of my mouth anytime I need to remember God is in charge and I am not, which is often. Praying these words places my worries on God, while at the same time forcing me to take responsibility for my own actions. This prayer changed everything for me. Here it is:

God give me wisdom to know what to do and the courage to do it.
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The simple act of seeking wisdom declares your need for God to provide answers you don’t have. Then the request for courage requires you to boldly respond to the wisdom God gives. Wisdom without courage is useless, and courage without wisdom will get you in trouble.

So today, throughout the course of the day, utter that short prayer to God every time you need it. You will see that God will answer that prayer time and time again. Like a good father, he gladly gives wisdom to all ask. Then informed by God’s wisdom you make the courageous decision. This prayer changes everything.

What specifically do you need wisdom and courage for today?
Comment below so we can pray for each other.

-Chris Weatherly

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2 thoughts on “The Prayer That Changes Everything

  1. Man, That little prayer is a big prayer which I need to remember and hang on to. Powerful stuff.


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