My Prayer for Las Vegas

Did you hear? 

Did I hear what? 

There was a shooting last night in Vegas at a Jason Aldean concert.

At least 58 dead and over 100 more injured was the very first the headline (it’s even worse now) I read after my wife shared this news with me. Fifty-eight lives extinguished in a moment. They’re gone. They aren’t coming back.

It happened that quickly. One moment thousands are gathered to experience a fun concert. The next they are running for their lives hoping beyond hope they can make it to safety. Most made it. Unfortunately, fifty-eight did not and possibly more.

This happens in other places but not in America. Maybe Europe. Maybe Africa. Definitely the Middle East. Not America though. At least that’s what I wanted to believe.

Why do these tragedies keeping happening, God?

Why do I ignore these tragedies until they knock on my front door?

It’s like the realization of global atrocities doesn’t approach my life until their reality stings me in my backyard. This time they stung with a vengeance and my heart hurts. I’m broken for those who lost their lives needlessly. My mind is lost in thought for the countless others who will forever remember this night in fear rather than the fun they expected.

Prayers seem insufficient at this time. To offer just a simple prayer doesn’t seem enough, but it’s all I have. There are no words that will magically make this hurt disappear instantly. So my insufficient prayers will trust in the sufficiency of Christ to work and move despite all the pain and the hurt.

My insufficient prayers will trust in the sufficiency of Christ.
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Will you join me in prayers today for the city of Las Vegas?

Pray for God’s healing hand to be revealed.

Pray for the churches trying to bring hope to a seemingly hopeless situation.

Pray for the families dealing with the emptiness of losing a loved one.

Pray for the victims who survived physically but still suffer mentally.

God never wastes a hurt. I trust He will use this tragedy for good, but today I just hurt. After the dust settles and all the facts come to light, may we still trust that God is a good God who uses all things for good…..even when we can’t see it. Today, with the backdrop of the tragedy of Las Vegas, let us simply pray and trust.


How did you react when read the news?
Comment below.


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