Put Down Your Digital Swords

A rally in Charlottesville divided us. Three hurricanes united us. Now a few knees have divided us again. The emotional rollercoaster of this country is exhausting.

It’s even more exhausting when the church is at the center of all of it. We reached a climate in this country that traded peace for a digital sword. Typing our opinions away behind a computer screen all the while pushing people farther and farther away.

Jesus sat with the woman at the well.

Jesus ate with Zacchaeus.

Jesus forgave Peter’s betrayal.

Learn from Jesus. Act like Jesus. Treat others the way Jesus treats you.

Put down your digital swords. Walk across the room, and start to have conversations. Click to Tweet.

The starting point for change in this country, and even more importantly, the church is you. It’s me. We can change this country, but our own reflections beckon us to examine all of our flaws. This self-reflection forces us to ask a fundamental question:

Am I treating people the way Jesus treated his neighbor? Click to Tweet

Your answer to that question dictates whether our country will ever change or not. Let’s emphatically and proudly start answering that question with a “Yes” in all areas of our life. Home. Work. Online. In all things we begin treating people the way Jesus treated his neighbor.

In order to start this journey towards change, I wrote a prayer to lead us in the right direction. Will you commit to pray this prayer with me?

Dear Lord,

I know you came to bring peace, and I desperately desire to pursue peace in every area of my life. People need to experience your grace and kindness. Your mercy is what changes hearts. You never give up on me, and I refuse to give up on others. I will forgive when it is difficult. I’ll extend grace although it is undeserved. I will serve others at my own expense; because you did all of these for me. The peace You left with me is the peace I will leave with others. Amen.

Change starts today, and it starts not with your neighbor. It begins with you.

How do you believe you can better show peace to others?
Comment below with your thoughts.

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