3 Ways to Love People Through Random Encounters

One morning my wife calls me while I’m at the gym. She proceeds to tell me about an elderly lady she ran into while walking the dog. This lady had run out of her house in only her nightgown and was frantically asking for help.

My wife graciously asks her, “How can I help you?” This involved Megan, my wife, going over to the lady’s house and finding out all about her husband’s ailments. The husband needed some medicine and supplies from the store, but neither of them was capable of driving at this point.

Megan wisely said,“Let me call my husband and when he gets home we will help.” She relays this whole encounter to me on the phone, and asks, “What should we do?”

I ,like the good Christian and great pastor that I am, (loads of sarcasm here) said to her, “Nothing. I’m already running late for work, and we have staff meeting this morning.”

Megan at this time brilliantly reminds me in a subtle way, “Aren’t you preaching on the Good Samaritan this week?” She had me! Now I had to help. With that one question, I completely changed my mind. We immediately went and helped the family out any way we could. I learned a lot that day. Mainly I learned that,

Accidental encounters can have supernatural results if we view everything as spiritual – Click to Tweet

With the destruction that came from these recent hurricanes you have countless opportunities for accidental encounters with supernatural results. Let me give you three ways you can start having a supernatural impact today.

  1. Look for God to use you.

Yesterday after my family, friends, and neighbor helped put our yard and fence back together, I went around the neighborhood offering to help anyone who needed it. This led me to cutting down two trees and pulling branches from two other yards.

After we finished cleaning up the yards, I took a moment to pray with each of the families. It was a beautiful experience. During this time make sure you are looking for God to use you.

  1. Do something.

I understand you might be running late. I get that you have a ton on your plate, or that your finances aren’t at the point where you are comfortable helping. But when you see these opportunities to make a supernatural impact and you feel God calling you to do something, you should do something.

This is where faith comes in. We trust that when God calls us to do something, he will bless our efforts one way or another. When you see the need and you feel the call to help, don’t hesitate. You can’t help or fix everyone’s problems. That’s not your responsibility, but you can absolutely help the people you feel God has put into your path to help.

  1. Pray for them.

Maybe you hear about somebody who is sick or you see somebody is going through a challenging life circumstance or you find out that a friend just lost his job. These are scenarios you might not be able to do anything specific about, but

“God can work even when nothing is working.” – Click to Tweet

Pray right at the moment you see it happen. Then reach out to that person to let them know you are praying for them. It encourages people when they know others are praying for them. Your random encounter with that person could turn into some supernatural results if you will give all of their problems over to the Lord.

This world would be a better place if you saw everything as spiritual. Your intentional willingness to see a need and do something about it might result in people gaining a glimpse of the depths and magnitude of Jesus’ love for them. We love and care for others because Jesus first loved us, and he taught us those accidental encounters can have supernatural results when we view everything as spiritual.

How have you been able to help people this week?
Share your story by commenting below.

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