5 Ways to Encourage People Today.

Discouragement is everywhere, while encouragement is nowhere to be found. I can’t remember turning on the news and hearing the reporter say, “Today has been a good day. You don’t need to watch anymore.” There is always another tragedy.

Then for many it’s not just the news. It’s life. Maybe you feel discouraged by what’s going on right now in your personal life. You wish somebody would come alongside and encourage you. To that I would say,

Be the person you want people to be.”

So today, let’s be people of encouragement. Let’s live out Ephesians 4:29. Encouraging others is easy. It just takes a conscious decision on your part. Below you will find five easy ways to encourage others today.

  1. Encourage through Social Media

Social media is ripe with discouragement. Between political posts and relational “drama” people air out on social media, it’s hard to be encouraged. What if you broke the mold? Pick a friend today who means the world to you. Then write a note of encouragement on their wall, or share an old photo of you and that other person.

Go out of your way to be kind to them in front of others on social media. While you are at it, don’t just pick somebody you regularly encourage. Pick somebody who you know could use some encouragement. Then challenge others to encourage people. Feel free to challenge people by sharing this article as well.

  1. Encourage through texting or calling

God has hardwired me to encourage others. I love to help others see themselves the way God sees them. In order to do this, years ago I used to have what I called, “encouragement Monday.” Every Monday I would go through my contact list in my phone. I would pick a handful of people, and then I would text them encouraging words.

These were very personal words of encouragement. Every time I sent those texts, it made somebody’s day better. Why don’t you make somebodies day better by texting them a words of encouragement? Don’t wait till the funeral to tell someone how you really feel. Encourage them today.

  1. Encourage by serving

Encouragement comes in many forms. It’s not always verbal. Sometimes it means going out of your way to serve someone you don’t normally serve.

Maybe you have a coworker who needs help with a project. Encourage them today by lending a hand. Your spouse could probably use help around the house. Encourage him or her by jumping in and serving right away.

As one church used to always say, “Saved people serve people.” Jesus demonstrated an attitude of serving toward us. Now is your chance to show Jesus to others by serving. You might just make their day better.

  1. Encourage by mentoring

Yesterday, I went out to a local state park with 3 high school guys and a college student. These are some great dudes. One day they are going to be leading the corporations and businesses in our communities. I feel my job is to encourage them to be the best men they can possibly be.

I try to encourage them through mentoring. Surprisingly, mentoring doesn’t always mean a formal setting. Mentoring simply means letting others be a part of your life. Yesterday, mentoring was going on an hour hike through a state park and having a blast. Through that we encouraged each other and had lots of laughter.

There are people in your life, who could use mentoring. Encourage them today by giving up your valuable time and inviting them to join you in an activity. Through that activity, speak words of joy and encouragement into their life.

  1. Encourage by forgiving

Recently, I received a phone call from a church member I dearly love. On this phone call he explained to me how I had seriously hurt his feelings years ago. He had been holding onto this anger for years. Now it was finally time to let it go. He extended forgiveness to me.

I didn’t even remember the incident he described to me, but I apologized profusely for making him so bitter. It was a great conversation. When the phone call ended, my heart was overwhelmed with encouragement. Maybe you can call someone today and extend forgiveness for the first time. You could be the encouragement they have been looking for.

There are countless other ways to encourage people. These are five I use regularly. I would love hear from you.

How else can you encourage someone today?
Take a moment and share your thoughts below.

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