5 Habits for Spiritual Growth

Every morning has the same basic routine for me. I don’t always do these routines in the same order. They just have to be done before I go to work. I drink coffee, take a shower, brush my teeth, read my bible, pray. These basic habits are a part of my life. I don’t even have to think about doing them. They just get done.

I can always tell when one of my habits got left out. My whole day feels thrown off. If I forget coffee, I feel tired all day. If I forget to brush my teeth or shower, well then nobody will want to be around me. Habits are an important part of our daily life. They create routines, which make us successful throughout the day. What’s true for our morning habits is also true for our spiritual habits.

Every spiritually mature follower of Jesus has spiritual habits to help them grow. These habits are built into the rhythm their normal day, and you need these habits as well. Let me give you five habits for spiritual growth.

  1. Spiritual Habit 1: Read Your Bible

If you are not reading your Bible regularly, you are not growing spiritually. The scriptures are the primary way God still speaks. This means if you would like to hear from God regularly, you should develop the habit of reading the Bible.

Reading the bible regularly is like taking your spouse out on a date. It gives you time alone to know one another better and enjoy each other. David talks repeatedly in the Psalms about delighting in the word of God. Reading the Bible is a habit where we learn to delight in the Lord

  1. Spiritual Habit 2: Pray

Our nation is founded on the Declaration of Independence. It’s vital to our country’s history. Prayer is our Declaration of Dependence. When we pray daily, we are giving over all of our cares and worries to God.

The most spiritually mature followers of Jesus pray regularly. It’s a habit they would not dare miss. This means might you have to change your daily schedule up in order to build prayer as spiritual habit. For me, I pray every morning in the living room before the kids are awake. I have found that to work best for me.

Find out what time and location works best for you and start praying. If you aren’t sure what to pray for, check out this blog 5 People you should pray for right now.

  1. Spiritual Habit 3: Rest

Last week was an unbelievably busy week. I had a funeral on Wednesday night. Then a youth retreat from Friday evening until Saturday evening. I preached on Sunday morning, followed by an all-church event Sunday evening.

It was exhausting and productive all at the same time. By the end of Sunday night, though, my body and mind were spent. I had no energy left. So Monday I rested.

I turned my phone off. I took two short naps throughout the day. In the afternoon, I went on a nice long walk. This rest helped me renew my soul. Now, I’m ready for another great week of work.

Rest is a lost art in our society. We are so addicted to busyness and productivity that rest has become a habit associated with laziness. Spiritual growth requires that we build rest into a regular routine in of our life. It’s the reason why God instituted the Sabbath from the very beginning.

I wrote all about rest in this blog, Slow Down and Read This Blog. Your spiritual growth will continue to be stunted if you don’t make time to rest in the Lord.

  1. Spiritual Habit 4: Serve

Jesus said, “The son of man did come to be served, but to serve.” (Matthew 20:28) At the heart of Christianity is a commitment to love and serve one another. This means that if you do not have a habit of serving regularly, then you run the risk of hindering your spiritual growth.

In a “me first” centered world, serving is where we make others more important than ourselves. It’s the habit that gives us the chance to love others the way Jesus loves us. One church puts it like this, “saved people, serve people.” If God has saved you, then you should be serving others.

  1. Spiritual Habit: Share your faith

When something changes our life, we are willing to talk about it. The newest diet that worked. Oils that will make headaches go away. The latest exercise routine, which helped you get in great shape. All of these we are willing to talk about, but when it comes to talking about Jesus we tend to keep to ourselves.

Sharing our faith should be a normal habit of our lives. It pushes us outside of our comfort zone, and helps us depend upon God. I’m not saying you have to be weird about sharing your faith. I’m saying that as a society, we talk about what we love. As Christians let’s talk about what we love the most.

Applying these five spiritual habits will not instantly make you spiritually mature, but it will move in the right direction. Let’s take some steps together to put spiritual habits in place.

What are some habits you use for spiritual growth?


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