5 People You Should Pray For Right Now.

Prayer is something everybody talks about but very few people do. We see somebody hurting and we tell him or her, “I’ll pray for you”. It’s become a common phrase in our society. We don’t even think about it when we say it but it rarely holds any true meaning. What if we were intentional about whom we prayed for?

Mark Batterson says in his book The Circle Maker, “General prayers get general responses, but specified prayers get specific responses.” Let’s take up that challenge and start praying intentionally for 5 very specific groups of people.

  1. The President

This country has become a polarizing place. People have become entrenched in their view on politics and the president. Our entrenched nature has created animosity and hatred towards one another. What if you decided to break the mold of hatred and animosity and you started to pray for the president?

I am not asking you to change your political position. I’m asking you to follow through on Paul’s instruction to Timothy:

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Begin praying for our president. Then whenever our country gets a different president, pray for that one as well.

  1. Your Boss

You might have the best boss in the world or your boss could also be the worst leader in the world. Either way, pray for your boss. Leadership is hard, and anyone who is leading needs prayer.

Pray for your boss to put Jesus and others first. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to your boss in the midst of difficult decisions. Pray for God to give you the words to say to encourage and build up your boss. If you start praying for your boss, you might just find God give you more grace and understanding for him or her.

  1. Your Family

Prayer can change a family tree. A praying spouse can restore a broken marriage. A dad who prays can lead his family better. Prayer makes all the difference in the world.

When I was younger, I found out my mom and dad prayed for my spouse long before I even started dating. Since a very young age, they asked the Lord to bring the right person in to my life. Year after year, they kept praying about this. Their prayers worked. I am married to the greatest woman in the world.

You might not see immediate results with your family prayers. Keep praying anyway. Even when you want to give up on your family prayers, don’t do it. God is working.

  1. Your Pastor

Your pastor deals with loneliness. They deal with temptations. Pastors don’t want to be pastors some days. On the days where pastors can’t function well, your prayers are working in their lives.

A few years ago, I was so tired from years of being a pastor. Life felt grayer because of the years of carrying the burden of ministry. I had a lady at our church ask how she could bless our ministry. I knew the answer immediately. “You can pray for me,” I said.

Not that the ministry was all about me. I just needed prayer to keep on doing ministry affectively. Without a doubt, I know she prayed for me daily, and she told me so. Whenever she said, “I’m praying for you.” My soul became encouraged.

Make sure you pray for your pastor. They need it.

  1. Friends who don’t know Jesus.

There is a trend in church world. We pray regularly for the physically sick, but we rarely prayer for the spiritually sick. I believe a spiritual revolution could happen in your life if you started praying for your friends who don’t know Jesus.

When Jesus tells the story of the 100 sheep and one lost. The shepherd moved heaven and earth to find the one lost sheep. What if you prayed for the 1 lost sheep in your life? Don’t just pray for them once. Keep on praying.

I have my person I’m praying for daily. Do you?

I would love to hear from you. Who else do you think we should pray for right now? Comment below with your thoughts.


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