3 Reasons You Should Evaluate Your Priorities

My previous job was a sales job, and I can’t express how much I hated it. The company I worked for created specialized magazines for various military and historical groups, and I worked in the advertisement department. All day long we picked up the phone and cold called various businesses to try to sell advertisements to them.

The organization was unhealthy, and very early on I learned the cause of their unhealthiness. Their only priorities were make a deal and close the sale.  If you don’t do one of those two things, then you are not important to us. Their priority was making money at any cost. High turnover in their sales department didn’t matter. Unhappy employees were not important. Even poor relationships with outside companies didn’t matter as long as sales were being done.

They made good money with their priorities, but at the same time stunted their growth as a company. If they would have stepped back and evaluated their priorities, they could have made an even more successful company, but priorities get placed on the back burner when business and life is busy.

What was true for my previous employer is also true about your own life. If you are not careful, your bad priorities will create tension in your life causing disasters all over the place. This is why your priorities with money, relationships, work, God and everything else matters. So consider today a wake up call to evaluate your priorities. I want to walk you through three specific reasons why you should evaluate your priorities.

  1. Priorities always provide clarity.

Knowing our priorities gives us unbelievable clarity about the decisions we need to make. When your priorities are clear, your choices are made clearer.   This is true in business. This is true for your home life. This is true for your spiritual life. Your priorities always provide clarity to your decisions.

For example, recently my wife and I were sitting down one night on the couch after the kids were in bed. She says “I need to share something with you. You have been doing something lately that has frustrated me. I know it shouldn’t frustrate me. In fact you are doing it to try to make our family better. It’s my problem that it is frustrating me, and not your problem. You didn’t do anything wrong.” I, of course, apologized and had not even realized what I was doing.

After this conversation with my wife, I fell even more in love with her. I knew her priority is me and the health of our marriage. Her priority gave her clarity what to do to make our marriage even stronger. This is not only true in marriage, but in every category of your life. Your priorities always provide clarity. That’s why you should always evaluate your priorities.

  1. Misguided priorities lead to misguided behaviors

When your priorities are out of balance, your life becomes out of balance. Your misguided priorities lead you to make poor choices and results in poor outcomes. You have probably seen it happen in your own life and in the lives of others. At the beginning of my freshmen year of high school, I moved from Georgia to Miami, Florida.

It was a culture shock at first, and I didn’t feel like I fit in very well. My priority as a freshman became “I just want to fit in.” As I evaluated my surroundings, I decided I needed to change in order to fit in, and my priority became popularity over integrity. Now years later, the majority of my life regrets come from this season of misguided priorities and misguided behaviors.

Maybe the reason you keep making poor choice after poor choice is because your priorities are misguided. If you pause and evaluated your priorities, you might notice you have become out of balance and need an adjustment. Evaluating your priorities and making an adjustment now will save you from years of heartache later.

  1. Jesus should be your ultimate priority

If priorities always provide clarity, then Jesus should be your ultimate priority. When He is most important, everything else makes the most sense. Jesus provides clarity for your time. He provides clarity for how to treat people. He provides clarity for how to spend your money. With the busyness of life, it is easy to remove Jesus from throne of priority in our life. It’s easy to replace him with less important priorities, but when we replace Jesus as ultimate in our lives it takes us back to the “misguided priorities” section.

Jesus being our highest priority means we treat our neighbors with kindness and love. It means we take care of the poor and the sick in our community. It means we love our spouse and kids unconditionally. It means we are gracious and compassionate to our coworkers. Jesus should not just be “a” priority. He should be “the” priority in your life that stands above all other priorities. If Jesus is not ultimate in your life, it’s time to evaluate your priorities. As Andy Stanley always says, “Jesus will make your life better, and he will make you better at life.”

So let me end by asking you one question:
“What priorities do you need to evaluate today?”


Pastor Chris Weatherly
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pastorchrisweatherly
Instagram: @pastorchrisweatherly
Twitter: @chrisvweatherly
Email: pastorchrisweatherly@gmail.com

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