Work as Worship

Most people see a divide between the worship that happens on Sunday and the work that happens on Monday. Worship is for church and work is for the rest of the week. That’s how many see it. But work is just as much an act of worship as singing a praise song on Sunday morning. Sunday’s worship should be an overflow of the praise that happens the rest of the week.

  • Your client isn’t just a deal that needs to be closed. They are a soul with a story.
  • The students you teach are God’s children that he has entrusted into your hands for short time.
  • The employees you manage should be managed by the same love and compassion that God manages you.
  • The customers who establish your business should receive the same warmth and kindness God showed you when you came to him.

I’m not sure where the divorce between work and faith began, but those two ideas need to be reconciled and reunited. What happens at your job is just as spiritual as what happens in a church building. By this point you are probably asking yourself, how can I bridge the gap between work and faith? Let me walk you through two principles to help you make work an act of worship.

  1. The sacred versus secular divide is a myth.

In God’s economy everything is viewed as spiritual, and our lives are to be constantly focused on the eternal while we live in the temporary. The Apostle Paul would say it like this “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17) Whatever we are doing whether it is worshipping at church or working at the office, we are to be doing it all in the name of Jesus Christ.


This is why Christians should be the hardest working employees, the best bosses to work for, and the greatest business owners in the world. As a follower of Jesus we should work harder, be kinder, show more compassion and grace than anyone else. We should see and treat customers, employees, coworkers, the exact same way Jesus sees and treats us. When we do this we break down the walls of sacred versus secular, and we reunite the marriage between work and faith.

  1. You can pray for anyone.

You might work at a place where talking openly about your faith is taboo. Big corporations often have policies in place about faith in the workplace, and I can completely understand why they do that. These policies should not hinder our desire love on people through prayer. You can pray for anyone at anytime and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

  • The patient whose treatment isn’t working anymore needs prayer
  • The difficult client who never seems happy needs prayer
  • Your coworker in the cubicle next to you needs prayer
  • The students who are about to take the biggest tests of their lives need prayer
  • The employee whose wife just left him needs prayer

If we would open our eyes to the needs all around us, we would see opportunities to pray for people all over the place. We live in a hurting and broken world, and Jesus never ran away from the brokenness. He leaned into the mess. As Jesus followers we need to lean into the messes that are all around us everyday. Your work can be just as much worship as singing praise songs on a Sunday morning.

How do you view your work as worship?

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2 thoughts on “Work as Worship

  1. It is also good for business.


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