Fun….. It’s Biblical

lights-party-dancing-musicBefore I came on staff at the church there was a couple who helped with the youth group as interim leaders and they are some of the greatest people on the face of the planet. Glenda and Steve both have great senses of humor. Steve has a jovial type humor, while Glenda has a more dry sense of humor. Glenda used to always jokingly say whenever people would laugh during youth group ” You can’t laugh. This is church.” She always said it as a joke and I always thought it made the moment even funnier.

The truth is the church has been accused of a lot of things throughout its history, but rarely has the church been accused of being fun.

For me, this just doesn’t make since. I believe the church should be filled with more joy, laughter, and excitement than any other place on the planet. We have the greatest news on the face of the planet. Shouldn’t that create the most joy  of any environment on earth?

Let me clarify what I mean by “fun”. I don’t mean we should “have a good time” at church like we would at a concert or a movie. I mean we should laugh harder. We should enjoy life more fully. We should develop more joy filled friendships. We should truly have a great time.

Below are four ways we have infused fun into our youth group:

  1. We do silly stuff. We watch stupid videos off YouTube that have no point but just to make us laugh. We play games just for fun. The answer to all of our PowerPoint games doesn’t always come down to Jesus, Holy Spirit, or God.
  2. We tell dumb jokes. We tell corny jokes almost every week and my sermon isn’t complete unless I have weaved a poop jokes into it. We aren’t telling crude or nasty jokes, but I’m not sure we have not had a youth group in 5 years where there has not been some sort of laughter from a joke.
  3. We laugh in small groups. I cannot tell you how many small groups I have been apart of where I laughed so hard there were tears were rolling down my face. All of our youth leaders love to have fun and as a result of great leaders, fun has become an identity of our small group culture
  4. We do fun events. This coming Sunday night is Memorial Day weekend and historically it has been a terribly attended service. So this week we are going to cancel our normal routine and just have fun. Sunday night is going to be a pizza and movie night. The reason we are doing it? Fun! We believe at our core that fun unites students and sometimes it’s important to pause normal programming and just have fun.

If you have a student who is youth group aged, please have them join us this week for a fun time. We think fun is biblical.

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