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If you search “Parenting” in Amazon you will find over 185,000 different parenting books.  Yep! You read that correctly.  185,000!  That’s a lot of perfect parents out there telling you how to parent perfectly.  Well I can’t speak for all of the other parents who write on parenting, but I can promise you this parent gets it right always gets it wrong often.  I’m pretty positive I have more times where I have to apologize to my kids than actually getting things right.

Invariably  if you see great kids who turn into great adults, you will look at their parents wondering how in the world did you do that.  You might even ask them, “What’s the trick?  How did you do it?” There is one common trait though I have noticed from amazing parents who want to raise their children to love the Lord.

They will probably give you the same cliche things you have probably heard over and over again.  “Be consistent!” “Have Boundaries.” “Always make time for them.”  If you aren’t persistent in your questions they might leave it at those simple principles, and while these concepts are true and foundational to parenting effectively, I would say there is one component stronger than all others. The great parents forget to even mention the one thing you should be doing. The reason they forget to mention it isn’t out of malicious spite or some secret club they have joined.

It’s because they do it without thinking and they probably assume you do as well.

The challenge is that in a world filled with baseball games, ballet recitals, and homework this one thing becomes the last piece of the parenting puzzle we so often neglect.  Business over time always robs us of doing what is most important.  By this time you are probably saying….

“I get it, Chris!  What is it?  What is this parenting secret that should be obvious?”


It’s that simple.  Regularly and often pray for and with your kids.  Submit their future, their faith, their worries, your worries all of it to the Lord.  Praying with and for your kids demonstrates that God is always a priority and you cannot function without him.  I’m sure if an older parent could sit down and talk with you about this topic they would say, “It’s never too early too start praying for and with your kids and it’s never too late.”

Let me give you three prayers you can start incorporating into your routine:

  1. Pray for your child’s future – God has dreams and plans for your child.  Instead of trying to sit down and figure it out all on their own what if you submitted their future regularly to the Lord by praying God will make your child’s path clear?
  2. Pray for your child’s faith–  God desperately wants to capture the heart of your child, and not just because you took them to church or you think they should believe.  God wants a personal relationship with them just like he has with you.  Plead with the Lord that he will capture their heart and use their life for His glory.
  3. Pray for your child’s future spouse – I can honestly say that since I was a child my parents were praying for my future spouse, and boy am I glad they did because I have the best wife on the face of the planet!  Pray God will reveal to your child the right person at the right time.

Prayer is our declaration of dependence upon God, and I can only speak for myself but I highly depend upon the Lord to help me with raising my children. Come along with me on this journey of submitting our children to the Lord.

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