7 Prayers for the Next Generation

Our church has had an elevated focus on prayer over the past 6 months to a year, and it has been huge to see God work through prayer.  It softens peoples hearts, and aligns us with God’s perspective for the world.  It’s where we ask heaven to move down to earth.  With this emphasis on prayer I would like to share with you 7 prayers I have for the next generation.

My prayer consists of seven things I hope the next generation never forgets.

  1. I hope you never forget the church.  The church still has the greatest message on the face of the earth.  The news and your friends might say something different.  Even your own experience at church could be a sour one, but the church is still the vehicle God uses to declare his message. You need the church and the church needs you.
  2. I pray you never forget Jesus is your savior and your king.   Jesus grace never runs out on you.  You will most likely make some very poor decisions in the next few years, but Jesus will always have his arms open wide waiting for the prodigal son to return home.  Jesus is your savior, but don’t forget he is  also the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Your life is not your own.  Your life is meant to be fully submitted to Jesus and his purposes.
  3. I pray you never forget God is for you and not against you.  God wants what’s best for you even if you don’t see it right now or even understand what he is doing.  In the good times lean on God.  In the bad times lean on God even more.  He is always there for you, and always wants the best for you.
  4. I pray you never forget your identity.  You were made in the image of God.  For the rest of your life people will try to ascribe value to you based on your performance, your finances, or the people you hang around.  Never forget you were born valuable to God.  You don’t need to find your identity in any assigned value.  Find your identity in Jesus Christ always.  If you do this you will be able to easily say at the end of your life, “I’m glad I did” vs “I wish I hadn’t.”  Your best life is found at the feet of Jesus not at the altar of other peoples opinions.
  5. I pray you never forget the power the word of God can have in your life.  Even though there are some things in the Bible you might not understand and you struggle with, the world would be a better place if we all loved God and loved our neighbor. The scriptures is where you should run towards to learn how to love God and love people better.  Opinions will come and go, but the word of God will stand forever.
  6. I pray you never forget the countless people who invested in you. You have had parents, grandparents, teachers, and small group leaders invest in your lives for years. I know it’s hard to listen to all of their lessons right now, but they want the best for you.  One day you will have to put all of those lessons into practice, and don’t forget the people who taught them to you.
  7. I pray you never forget the best is yet to come.  God has great things in store for you, and life will try to kick the joy right out of you.  Never ever stop believing that the best is yet to come.  A life completely dedicated to God is a life that will leave a lasting legacy for His name.  Don’t get me wrong.  It will take work on your part, but God has a bright and beautiful life in store for you.

What would your prayer for you could write one?

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