The Unchurched

Sunday is finally here.  Why am I so nervous? I’m always up for a new adventure, but this is different.  My coworker has been inviting me to go to church for weeks.  I finally told him I would go, but now that Sunday is here, I’m not so sure I want to go.  It’s been so long since I’ve been to church. What do I even wear?  My mom used to always make us where our “Sunday Best” on Easter and Christmas every year, but I’m not even sure my “Sunday Best” are good enough anymore.

Oh well,  I’ll do my best, and if those church people don’t like it that proves they are all just judgmental people anyway.

Whew!  Finally got myself all ready.  I look pretty good. It might not be good enough for those church people, but it sure looks good to me.  I guess the only thing I have left to do before church is ask for forgiveness.  Not really sure what God thinks is right or wrong, but I’m pretty sure how I have been acting won’t make God very happy.  So I guess I’ll say a quick prayer before I come to church, but I’m running late so maybe I’ll just say it in the car.

Dear God, I’m not sure if you are real or if I’m even doing this right, but God if you could just do me a solid and look past all that stuff I said and did this past week that would be great.  Actually we might need to extend that forgiveness thing back way farther.  You know I don’t want to go into church and get struck by lightning or anything. Ok well, big guy, I’m not sure how to end this so “Bye Buddy.”

Wow!  There it is.  That’s a pretty big building. I sure hope my buddy is here already.  I sure hope this church is ready for a guy like me……

Every Sunday, somebody just like this walks into churches and youth groups all across the world.  Are we ready for this guy?  Do we know what to do when he shows up?  Do we know how to minister to this person?  The church has the greatest message of hope in the world, and we must be ready to share the hope of the world to both the church and the unchurched.

Stay tuned for the next blog where  we will talk about how youth groups and churches can be ready for both the church and the unchurched every single week…

Until that time if you would like to check out my book for helpful hints on doing ministry you can click below to purchase it on Amazon.

Built To Last Youth Ministry


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