Slow Down

Five years ago tomorrow? Five years! Where in the world did five years go? Before I go any farther let me set up the context for why five years has seemed to fly by so fast.

Saturday May, 7th wasn’t just an ordinary day for my wife and I. We were getting ready that morning to celebrate her graduation from college. The ceremony was in just a few hours, and her parents would be there. My parents would be there. The whole gang would be there to celebrate Megan and her amazing accomplishment of graduating. Little did they know and little did we know that the graduation would turn into an afterthought that day. Not to diminish the accomplishment of her graduating from college, but because there was news coming that would shape the rest of our lives and all of our families lives.

When we found out the news college turned into something that happened. While this news was finally “happening.” Megan came out of the bathroom this perfect Saturday morning and said those words we had longed to hear. She said, “I’m pregnant.” My smile stretched farther than you could imagine, and instantly I knew that I loved our child more than words could express.

Later that day at lunch we would break the news to our parents, and their hearts would explode for joy. To be honest though I barely remember their reactions not because it was genuine or fantastic, but because I was still so overwhelmed with joy that I couldn’t even fully experience other people’s emotions. God had blessed us with a child, and months later Sophie would come into the world to change our lives forever.

Now I sit here thinking. Five years? Where did five years go? Every parent tells you ad nauseam, “You better cherish every moment because it goes by so fast.” Boy were they ever right! Because I knew they would be right, I have spent every day knowing I only have a limited time with her until she is grown and gone. For just one moment though I wish all those times we played with chalk on the sidewalk or we played Candyland at the dinner table or we just laughed at silly jokes would last forever. Some wishes just don’t come true though no matter how much you wish it. This dad can’t believe it’s been five amazing years, but I can promise you this. The next five are going to be even more amazing than the last five, but for just a moment can we let things slow down?


1 thought on “Slow Down

  1. Thank you for sharing this Chris. Beautifully written. Time does fly by to fast. Way to fast. Love you Brother. Thanks for all you do.


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