Perfection isn’t always perfect.

We are stuck in a society that celebrates the illusion of perfection while demonizing the transparent and authentic. Take the perfect family photo.  Edit your selfie so it looks perfect. Write and rewrite your tweet until it’s perfect. Put a smile on before you walk into church.  Don’t struggle.  Pick yourself up by the bootstraps. … Continue reading Perfection isn’t always perfect.


3 Ways to Love People Through Random Encounters

One morning my wife calls me while I’m at the gym. She proceeds to tell me about an elderly lady she ran into while walking the dog. This lady had run out of her house in only her nightgown and was frantically asking for help. My wife graciously asks her, “How can I help you?” … Continue reading 3 Ways to Love People Through Random Encounters

#Charlottesville and My Hope for the Church

Racism didn’t start with a rally in Charlottesville, and racism won’t end when the rally is over. My heart broke watching the “Unite The Right” rally transpire over the weekend. I was saddened for my African American brothers and sisters in Christ. This type of racism isn’t new for them. Many of us just don’t … Continue reading #Charlottesville and My Hope for the Church